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Real Solutions to Very Real Problems

I find myself teaching another CDIA+ class in beautiful So Cal. Thinking it would be another “typical” class, with students asking basic questions about imaging [in general], posing situations that require them to use the recently taught info I just gave them, and helping them ready for the certification exam. I quickly found that it was not! Turns out the class was 50% System Engineers, with many of them having real-world experience with years of actual installations! I must say “It was refreshing”! This group was taking what I was teaching, applying it to their existing client base, and finding answers to some pressing issues. They had been struggling with the ‘finer-points’ of imaging [sales and technical] and once in a classroom environment they immediately capitalized on the info I gave them, combined that with their peers’ experience and came up with real solutions [to very real problems]!

All of this warms an instructor’s heart... All kidding aside, the CDIA+ class has morphed over the last ten years into so much more than just a prep for an exam. It now addresses current sales challenges, current mind-set challenges, and helps move the document management [as well as MFP sales person] professional into the year 2010.

Perhaps you should consider joining in on a class sometime. It just might be what you need to jump your “numbers” up to where you want them to be...?

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Friday, April 30 2010 00:00

What can CDIA+ do for you?

I ask you: “What can CDIA+ do for you?” Before you finish reading this blog post, you will certainly know the answer to this question. Whether you are a document imaging professional interested in your personal professional success, a leader or manager with a vested interest in the success of your electronic document management (EDM) sales or service firm, or a records manager responsible for compliance, CDIA+ can do something for you.

First, let’s answer a more fundamental question: What is CDIA+? The Certified Document Imaging Architect (or CompTIA CDIA+) credential is an internationally-recognized credential for professionalism and competency in the document imaging industry; it is the leading standard when it comes to document imaging. In the mid-1990s, the Computer Trade Industry Association (CompTIA) and industry leaders recognized a need for establishing a global standard of proficiency for document imaging professionals. With support and assistance from industry professionals, CompTIA launched the CDIA program in 1995.

The exam itself was designed to test the candidate’s knowledge in the technical, interpersonal, and management aspects of developing and implementing EDM solutions. The exam is divided into five domains, weighted to represent the relative importance of each domain to the job requirements of an experienced document imaging professional. The domains and their corresponding weight are summarized below.

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